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12 Apr 2024

Nuovo Listino Broferpura 2024: Innovazione e Affidabilità al servizio dei nostri clienti

We are excited to announce the arrival of the new Broferpura price list catalog, effective from May 1st, 2024. This update not only introduces a series of innovative features but also reflects our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge products and solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

The key innovations included in the new price list have been carefully studied and designed to offer significant benefits and enhance the overall experience with our products. Here is a detailed overview of the additions and improvements you can expect to find:

  1. Introduction of Enthalpy Units: Our commitment to energy efficiency and user comfort is reflected in the introduction of enthalpy units, from RDCD25E to RDCD25SKHCE. Marked with the green letter E and equipped with an enthalpy exchanger, these units offer unprecedented heat recovery and reduced consumption. Now integrated into the price list with specific technical data sheets, they represent an advantageous choice for those seeking cutting-edge solutions for ventilation and air treatment.
  2. New NECKGALAXY: Designed to improve installation and functionality, the new NECKGALAXY offers advanced features compared to the previous PLUGGALAXY. Equipped with an additional ABS collar and a protective cover with integrated level, this device sets a new standard of quality in the industry. The price has been updated to ensure unbeatable value for money.
  3. New MOON COLLECTION Grid Range: Our range of grids is enriched with the MOON collection, made of ABS RAL 9003 with UV treatment. Also available in elegant Silver and Chrome versions, these grids combine sophisticated design and durability. Consult the complete catalog to discover all available options and their respective prices.
  4. Introduction of FLATMOON: Designed for discreet and reliable integration, FLATMOON is a plastic wall housing frame that ensures perfect installation of our grids.
  5. New Multidirectional Distribution Plenum UNIVERSE: With the aim of improving system efficiency and flexibility, the new UNIVERSE plenum will gradually replace previous models. Made of high-quality plastic material, it offers reliable performance and uniform air distribution.
  6. Optimization of the SANITIZATION section: To meet market needs, we have removed less requested antibacterial modules and stations, keeping only the IONIC and ECOFILTER PLUS models to ensure maximum effectiveness and convenience.
  7. Expansion of the SCHOOL section: With the introduction of the VMCS70SH unit, alongside the existing VMCS600 and VMCS1200, we are ready to support school ventilation needs with cutting-edge solutions.
  8. Product updates and removal of less sold items: We continue to optimize our offering by eliminating less requested items such as VENERE, GIOVE, AURORA, VANESSA, GINEVRA, and NETTUNO, to focus on the most requested and appreciated solutions by our customers.

To download the new catalog and stay updated on the latest news, we invite you to visit our download area. Remember that for registered users, the price list will be available directly after login.

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for choosing Broferpura as your partner and contributing to innovating the ventilation world.

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